ConTracer C

A tracking control solution for container location and suspicious cargo containers

Equipment Feature

  • Suspicious cargo / crime cargo tracking functions

  • Strong magnet is attachable to any iron part

  • Transportation section real-time control function

Main Function

  • Monitors locations and impact information of various mobile objects including containers
  • Continued asset management through integration with containers
  • Strong magnetic applications make it easy to attach to steel structures

Special Feature

  • Supports GSM / WCDMA communication functions to be used according to communication environment of each country (region).
  • Large-capacity battery that can be used without recharging while moving in a single logistics interval.
  • Remote settings of data transmission and reception information and the data retransmission function to the server.
  • Locates containers that sail globally based on GPS
  • Strong magnetic applications make it easy to attach to steel containers
  • Detects unauthorized removal information through a detachable sensor
  • Contracer front
  • Contracer back
  • Contracer side
  • Contracer top

Main target point

  • Drug Enforcement Agency / Customs : Tracks suspicious cargos to its final destination by using invisible equipment
  • Container Ownership : Asset management for public/private containers transported worldwide
ConTracer Main target point
Classification Details
Operating System Firmware
Memory Nonvolatile memory 128Kbyte Flash Memory - stores 2,000 logs (the BlackBox function in case of problems)
Mobile communication module Supports WCDMA/GSM (Global real-time communications - except for some areas)
Location information receipt module Supports GPS
Weight 380g (Including a battery)
Battery Lithium-lon Battery (9,000mAh)
Operating voltage DC 5V, 12~24V, 2A
I/O Port USB (device setup and log check, F/W upgrade)
Detachable Attachable to any part of a steel plate outside of a container
Dimension 109 x 78 x 34mm (Length x width x height)
Battery charger 100 ~ 240V, Rated 5.0V

Cargo Tracker System

Cargo Tracker System  monitoring
Cargo Tracker System  Mobile