Real-time tracking control and refrigeration container status and location information

Equipment Feature

  • A function to check the status information (temperature / humidity) inside a refrigeration container

  • A real-time alarm function be detecting shock during logistic section

  • Transportation section real-time control function

Main Function

  • Real-time collection and transmission of internal status and location information of a refrigerated container
  • Competitiveness of technology and prices compared to domestic and overseas competitors
  • Attachable to any type of refrigeration containers

Special Feature

  • Supports GSM / WCDMA communication functions to be used according to communication environment of each country (region).
  • Check real-time status information (temperature, humidity, and location) of refrigeration containers
  • Remote settings of data transmission and reception information and the data retransmission function to the server
  • Locates containers that sail globally by using GPS
  • The BlackBox function by using nonvolatile memory
  • Attachable to any type of refrigeration containers

Main target point

  • Shippers in need of cold chain management on global shipping in the sea - Provides location/ temperature, humidity, shock / door opening and closing of a container of refrigeration container in transit
  • Logistics companies (shipping companies and forwarders) that carry customer's cargo - Provides high quality service to shippers based on visibility logistic information
ConTracer-R Main target point
Classification Details
Operating System Firmware
Memory Nonvolatile memory 256Kbyte Flash Memory - stores 2,000 logs (the BlackBox function in case of problems)
Mobile communication module WCDMA/GSM /IRIDIUM Satellite communication/Wi-Fi / GPS
Location information receipt module Supports GPS
Weight 470g (Including a battery)
Battery Lithium-lon battery (9,000mAh)
Operating voltage DC 5V, 2A
I/O Port USB (device setup and log check, F/W upgrade)
Detachable Attached to the inside of refrigeration containers by using the magnetic force and pressure of a door gap (to prevent equipment from theft)
Dimension 129 x 110 x 42mm (Length x width x height)
Battery charger 100 ~ 240V, Rated 5.0V

Version and support status of control unit by manufacturer

You can check the version of the control unit and whether it is supported by the manufacturer of refrigeration containers (Daikin, Carrier, StarCool, and Thermo King).

Learn more about versions and support
Version and support status of control unit by manufacturer
Refrigeration container manufacturers Refrigeration container version Support availability
Daikin Decos III O
Decos III a O
Decos III b O
Decos III c O
Decos III d O
Decos III d-1 O
Decos III e O
Decos III f O
Decos III g O
Decos V O
Carrier Microlink 1 X
Microlink 2 X
Microlink 2i X
Microlink 3 O
Microlink 3i O
Microlink 4 O
StarCool RCCU 5 O
Thermo King MP-3000 O
MP-3000A O
MP-4000 O