S-WINNUS specializes in logistics IoT service, providing customers with logistics IT innovation, security, and efficiency by using global tracking IoT technology dedicated in the logistics field.

The company has an excellent ability to develop IoT devices and tracking SW platform development. In particular, the IoT electronic seal iLock, which is a representative logistics security and track control device, is continuously supplied to the Korea Customs Service and is successfully in operation. Recently, its products were introduced to customs services and logistics customers globally and are rapidly becoming the next generation smuggling prevention and security solution.


A global top logistics IoT service enterprise responsible for
security control of the global cargo transportation


  • 01Acquisition of expertise and continuous growth through logistics tracking control industries
  • 02Continuous application of advanced ICT technology to the logistics industry
  • 03Strengthening overseas business capabilities and expanding partnerships


  • Wireless communication (GSM / WCDMA / SATELITE / BLE / WIFI) Application technology
  • Fingerprint recognition / NFC security application technology
  • IoT-based device control platform implementation technology
  • IoT-based logistics equipment implementation technology
  • Web/Mobile application technology development
  • Logistics ISP / IT Consulting